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3 Solid Reasons You Should Own A Smith Machine

by Chee Woon Ng on January 11, 2022

Dubbed one of the most popular machine in every gym or workout studio, smith machine is always on the #1 spot of a workout junkie equipment list. Its versatility allows users to conduct different workouts targeting different muscle groups, and it is designed for isolation, which means offering safer workout even for beginners. And getting one for your home gym brings more benefits -- imagine able to skip the queue, no more weird stares from others, lesser skin-to-sweat contact, and you no longer have to commute to the gym... or renew your gym plan.

Before we dive into more perks of owning one smith machine, let's take a tour on understanding what is a smith machine.

The concept of a smith machine is a barbell is fixed between two steel rail, which allows barbell to move in vertical motion with guidance from the rail. Steel hooks are installed at the side of each barbell, allows users to secure the bar whenever fatigue hits. And as time evolved, some brands decided to give smith machine a fancier upgrade -- by adding more features like cable machine, rower, and bench. These amazing additions further enriched the machine, turning it more popular than other equipment in the gym. 

So, why choose the smith machine? 

For one, it makes lifting safer -- thanks to it's built-in fail safe. See the hook at the side of the bar? Simply twist your wrists inward and lock the bar into place. If fatigue hits or you feel you are about to lose your strength, just lock the bar to save yourself from potential injuries. 

In addition, this feature allows users to bench a lot safer without a spotter. We know some people consider exercise is a rather private matter, and a smith machine might be the machine that you're looking for. 

Two, the steel rails helps guiding the movement of barbells, which users can perform movements like overhead press, shoulder press a lot easier than using a free weight. Limited range of motion put more emphasis on one's form, makes the tension isolated on only certain muscle groups. For example, benching with a smith machine might emphasise on the chest muscle more. 

Three, additional features like cable pulley system has turnt the machine to a well-rounded beast that supports a full-body workout to sculpt both muscles and goals. Easy accessibility and great versality are one of the main attraction of this machine, and our Hare Fitness Functional Training Smith Machine Combo is the one that you're looking for. 

This combo includes built-in storage for storing handles, weight plates, barbell; and consists of functional training below, all wrapped up in 3mm-thick laser-cut steel and pop pin: 

  • Chin up/pull up bar
  • Leg extension
  • Cable crossover
  • Smith machine - 350KG maximum load 
  • 70KG Weight stacks (per side)
  • Low row
  • J-hooks
  • Weight plate holder total 4pcs (2pcs each side)

Also, the Hare Fitness Smith Machine Combo is designed in Singapore and the height is customised to 2.1m  -- which fits most Singapore housing units (including apartment and HDB) perfectly. 

All and all, if you're new to strength training, do not have anyone to spot you, or you need a one-size-fits-all machine, then go ahead and pick a Hare Fitness Smith Machine Combo for yourself.