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Find Quality, Affordable Exercise Equipment in Singapore Right Here. Building a home gym can be affordable and functional too.

Two Is Better Than One.

Lifting at home is now made easier and more affordable. Get one Cerakote Bar and one pair of weight plate and receive 10% OFF. No code needed.


Hare Fitness Cerakote Olympic Barbell

Made for all sorts of dynamic lifting. Rust-resistance, water-resistance, and extremely durable, even in the humid Singapore.

More weightlifting essentials

Smith Machine

An all-in-one training beast that a gym junkie cannot miss.

Versatile, convenient and safe.

Tired of waiting for the smith machine in the gym, but doesn't want to change up your workout regime?
Hare Fitness Functional Training Smith Machine Combo combines functional trainer and smith machines into one, allows you to crush your workout at the comfort of your own home.

Fully adjustable swiveling pulleys.

Adjusting the cable position will allow you to target muscles specifically - from your chest to your back, shoulders, arms and legs: will 180 degree rotation, training all areas are possible with this beast.


You can never go wrong with the classics.



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We have the pleasure to work with people from all walks of life in Singapore. Here are some clients that we have served.

Hare Fitness

We aspire to set our bar high, and this is what inspires us to create Hare Fitness. Designed in Singapore, we believe local brands too, can achieve great standards in product quality and brand credibility, along with a price tag that many can afford.

From our superstar Hare Fitness Smith Machine, custom Cerakote Bar to classic necessities like dumbbells and mats -- get the full set ready in just a click away to make your own affordable home gym in Singapore and enjoy islandwide delivery.

What should you buy?

A quick guide before you purchase your first home gym equipment.
Barbells are long, straight, metal bars that you use as resistance for strength-training exercises. There are many different ways to use a barbell and with that, you can perform multiple exercises including squats, dead-lifts, presses, rows and curls. As for Hare Fitness, we are selling 2 different types of barbells: the Chrome Bars and Cerakote Bar -- both equally affordable bars in Singapore.

Smith Machine
A large cage that comes with a loading bar attached at the frame for users to move vertically without too much of swinging motion. Some smith machine design has incorporated with other isolation machines, which makes it more functional than ever. Our design is hybrid of both smith machine with cable machine, allows you to perform most barbell exercises and cable workouts. We specially customised ours to 2.1m tall, so you can fit this bad boy even in a condo or HDB in Singapore.

Weight Plates
These flat, round discs are meant to load on the barbell or you can exercise with them just by holding the disc. You can load the plates up to the bar to challenge your body with extra resistance. Our bumper plates are coated with rubber that helps to minimise bounce and noise -- selling in affordable price in Singapore.

An equipment that consists of two equal weights that are attached to a handle, and the weights can be fixed or removable. They are fairly affordable and easy to get from both online and offline store in Singapore.

Rubber Gym Mat
If you are an avid weightlifter and powerlifter, get yourself some thick rubber mats to protect your floor from brutal force. Not only that, you can place your equipment on the mats to keep your floor free from equipment rust marks too. We offer gym mat installation service in Singapore islandwide, hit us up to get a quotation for free.