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New Year New Me - Start These 4 Habits To Lose Belly Fat!

by Chee Woon Ng on January 17, 2022

Is your belly getting flabbier from all those binge eating or potato-couching? Honestly, I don't blame you -- the past 2 years had been extremely tough for everyone. With the on-and-off lockdowns and gym closure, even jogging at the park seemed like a mission impossible, let alone heading to your local gym.

However, with Singapore approaching Endemic and restrictions are being lifted, parks are reopening and gyms in Singapore are finally coming back to life. This is our chance to start a whole new lifestyle and here are 4 habits that we can pick up to lose that belly fat. 

Tip #1: Choose what you eat

Contrary to popular belief, food intake determine 60% of our overall health; while exercising takes the remaining 40%. Both food and exercise are equally important, but deciding what to put into our mouth is extremely challenging, especially in a food paradise like Singapore. For starters, cai p'ng or cai fan is an amazing head start. You can customise your meals from all kinds of dishes, as long as it contains healthy portion of protein, fibre, carbs, and fats. Keep veggie and meat on the higher side and lower the carbs intake -- ultimately, losing weight is the priority.

Tip #2: Tea > Bubble Tea

Quenching thirst in Singapore comes in many varieties: bubble tea, coconut shake, soya drink, and the list goes forever. We all know these beverages are nothing but yummy and sugary, and they are one of the notorious reasons that our belly grows. I know cutting them out is a little too tough, hence, maybe we can try going 0% sugar or tea/coffee instead? Lowering sugar intake is hard at first, but give yourself a 7-days trial and you should be able to order a 0% sugar oolong tea in your next purchase. 

Tip #3: Move more

If you are able to find time for working in your hectic schedule, congratulation! But, if our work or studies are overwhelming, it's okay to take a break from your routine. In fact, you can have a change of plan like walk longer distance, taking the stairs, standing in the MRT. These seem simple. but they also train your stability, flexibility, and balance -- which will benefit you in a long run.

Tip #4: Start on strength training

As much as I appreciate cardio is the kickstarter of almost every fitness journey, losing weight or burning fat requires more than just jogging or Zumba. Throw in some simple strength training with dumbbells or resistance bands to increase the intensity; combine with the habits above, you will starting to see results in just 30 days.

I know what you're asking -- how does biceps curl, or any other dumbbell exercises help in losing belly fat? The logic behind this is shrinking your belly by burning body fats, and simple workout like so adds up the intensity, which able to torch the fat.

Here are what you can do with a set of dumbbell:

1. Bicep curls

2. Bent-over dumbbell row

3. Standing Press

4. Dumbbell squat press


And here are what you can do with resistance bands: 

1. Squat

2. Band seated row