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Should I Get A Cerakote Bar? (In Singapore?)

by Hare Fitness on September 23, 2022

Have you ever seen a rusty chrome bar? We did, and it isn't a pretty look. Not only the bar is full of patches of brown and black, the sharp, breaking edges might scratch your palm and leave you a nasty infection. 

We do not want that, do we? 

Hence, having a layer of protective coating for your bar is beneficial especially if you're you are lifting in a humid environment -- and Cerakote, a ceramic polymer that is used to coat firearms could be the perfect coating to protect your bar. Originally, gun owners began to coat their guns with Cerakote, so the firearms would be more resistant to rust and abrasion. Cerakote is not invincible, but it's ability does elevate the bar game in a long run. 

1. Reduce metal-on-metal abrasion

For those of you who prefer leaving your bar on the J-cups, the metal-on-metal contact can cause scratches on your bar. Worse still, if your bar is priced above $100 -- that's some expensive bar to leave scratches on. While Cerakote coating is not fool-proof, but it protects and prolong the shelf-life of your bar.

2. Reduce rust

Humid climate is one of metal's nemeses, especially in Singapore where it rains few times a week. According to a test done by NIC Industries, the parent company who invented Cerakote, the Cerakote coating came out on top when pitted against 8 other coatings.

Almost all the coatings rusted within just 48 hours of being put in a salt chamber and the test finally “…concluded at 2,034 hours when Cerakote showed initial signs of corrosion.”

Clearly, the Cerakote coating isn’t rust-proof, but it's ability indicate that it is ideal to protect a bar. 

3. Colour customisation  

We are not sure what do you feel about the colour of a bar, but we are bored of silver chrome already! Cerakote ceramic comes with multiple colours from red to blue to yellow, which allows you to spice up your lifting corner with any colour you like. 

After understanding the functions of Cerakote, here are some tips on how to clean and manage it: 

1. Never, ever use a metal brush! You won't want to scrape off the ceramic coating and leave yourself a naked chrome bar. Use a Nylon bristle brush instead to minimise the abrasion and brush off any loosen material that has been packed into the knurling over time. 

2. Next, apply 3-in-1 lubricant oil in streaks along the entire shaft of the barbell. You can lather a thicker layer if there are areas that are rustier than the other. 

3. Then, brush the shaft with your Nylon brush to lift up any gunk and do make sure the entire shaft is properly oiled. 

4. Lastly, when you're done brushing, take an old cloth and start wiping the oil and grime that you've loosen with the brush. Wipe one last time with a microfibre towel to pick up any missed debris.