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Weight Plate 101: 10 Moves to Burn Fat with Weight Plates

by Hare Fitness on March 22, 2022

Weight plate is more than just for you to load onto your barbell. Weight plate alone can be a core challenger and a full-body fat burner if used correctly. Each move requires only minimal space, where you have no problem doing them in a compact room. As for weight plates -- it's fine with or without cut-out, as long as it gets the job done. You can use your Hare Fitness Weight Plate to complete this routine.

Check out these exercises that you can do with your plates:



If you are already an expert in push up, time to step up your game -- by placing one weight plate on your back to increase the difficulty. Always start with lower weight and increase the challenge when you have gotten use to it. Simply brace your core, lower down your chest, and push your body back up. 


It's like drawing an imaginary halo around your head. This dynamic exercise will work on your shoulders and stimulates deep muscles. Hold the weight plate with bent arm and circulate around your head in one direction for 30 seconds; then, switch direction. 

Truck Driver
truck driver

Another shoulder crusher that is underrated. Take things home by holding the weight directly out in front of you, core braced and arms locked out. Rotate the plate right, then 180 degrees to the left for 30 secs.

Shoulder Raise
shoulder raise

Braced your core (again) and this time, keep your shoulder down. Lift the plate up to the top of your body, then, slowly move down to your chest. Keep your arm straight at all time as this will not only challenge your shoulder, but also your arms. 

Squat Reach
squat reach

This move is a combination of both lower body and upper body to get your metabolism fire up. Begin with the plate by your chest and sink into a squat, pushing the plate out in front.

Overhead Squat
overhead squat

This is just the beginning of your leg routine. Press the plate overhead, then squat to 90 degrees, arms straight, torso upright. Push back up to stand and squat again. Your plate should always stay at the top of your head for maximum result. 


Nope, we're not done with squat yet. Press the plate overhead when you're standing, but bring the plate by your chest when you squat to a 90 degrees. Repeat this exercise for another 14 times. 

Reverse Lunge
reverse lunges
And here's another leg crusher and a core trainer. Hold the plate by your chest and from a standing position, lunge back with your right leg and twist your upper body to your left. Push up and repeat for another 4 times before you switch side. The added weight posts as a challenge to your arm and core, which requires more stability to remain upright. 
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